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Creative Shift, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Birmingham Hippodrome, is a cultural training and consultancy service operating from a new base at the city’s Hurst Street theatre.

This innovative development forms part of the theatre’s strategic vision to build cultural and enterprising activities around its Southside base and beyond.

Previously known as Fierce Earth, for 14 years this award-winning team specialised in professional development training and support services for arts organisations, and managed over 100 of the region’s most exciting artistic initiatives, especially at the experimental end of the spectrum, raising over £7m in grant funding. 

The Creative Shift Team, led by Helga Henry, has worked with statutory stakeholders including Business Link, Advantage West Midlands, Marketing Birmingham and numerous local authorities, plus private commercial clients in the corporate sector.  The organisation provides staff training and development, consultancy services and executive coaching.


Creative Shift is a boutique training, consultancy and coaching business

We use artists and their work to inform and inspire profound and profitable business and personal change. To do this, we employ techniques and processes connected to, and influenced by, artists.

However you choose to work with us, you will always benefit from The Art of Direction.

We’re based in Birmingham, and our core team consists of Helga Henry and Dean Melbourne. We collaborate with an extended network of amazing people.

We offer you a full range of guaranteed trainingconsultancy and coaching services. Clients include businesses, arts organisations, freelancers and business executives.

As a Creative Shift client, you’ll develop practical steps to business and personal success. And you’ll gain the confidence and motivation to keep on taking them.

We’ll shift your perceptions of what can be achieved. So you can positively shift your behaviours and performance for the rest of your life.

Creative Shift (formerly Fierce Earth) was formed in 1997, by its founder Mark Ball.

Since then, we have enabled businesses, arts organisations and executives to think and behave more creatively. This has allowed them to boost their efficiency and profitability.

At the same time, we have empowered creative workers to manage themselves in a more businesslike manner. You can learn about the results we’ve achieved in our case studies.

Originally called Fierce Earth, we rebranded in 2012. This followed a change of ownership, and a move to the UK’s busiest theatre – Birmingham Hippodrome. We’re now playing a key role in their wider mission of being “an internationally recognised cultural enterprise”.

We’d like to say we chose the new name ourselves. In fact, it’s how a client described the impact we have on the people and businesses we work with. And who are we to argue?


Are you interested in exploring the power of creative change? Then talk to us today.

Images by Martin Pickard.


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